Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I am Thankful For

It's a long list, I have so many things and people to be thankful for! Don't be offended if you're name is not on here, I am thankful for you, too!

Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior. He's given me everything.
The Bible, for being a light to my path.
My Mom, for all of her sacrifice, and for putting up with me.
Norm, for taking me in as his own, and teaching me how to function as a normal human.
My Sister, for loving me no matter what and being my friend.
 My extended Family
Trinity Evangel Church, for the amazing teaching, and the amazing love and fellowship.
Grace Bible Church
Grace Academy
My home, good food, clean water, clothing, indoor plumbing, transportation, technology, etc.
Good Health
Living in the USA
The US military
Leila, Andy, Merian, + Lucy Bowers
Russ + Marie Hanley
Sean, Mo, Maggie, Calvin, Hallie, + Keelah Higgins
Dave + Gale Light
Ron, Jen, Abigail, Aaron, Isaiah Van Der Becken
Keri, Brian, Kenley, + Claire Ronk
Katie, Ben, Emmett, + Ammelia Hanson
Len + Susan Bone
Haley Douma
Autumn Huning
Chuck + Teresa Weinberg
Andi McAuliffe
Jolie + Ryan Hall
Ian + Kimmy Lugg
Jim, Gail, Jesse, + Esther Martin
Rose LaJoye
Cheryl Crane
Alicia, Katherine, Olivia, + Caroline Martin
Patti Frisk
Darrel Whitcomb
Timothy + Renee Lugg
Jonathan + Sonja Sarr
Marybeth Young
John + Helen Zimmer
Brenden, Diega, Sofia, Elena, Lydia, + Marisa Drage/Bravo
Dave, Brenda, Kaileigh, + Caleb Alford
Rick + Dawnell Holt

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  1. Barbara! I am so thankful for you! We got your card yesterday! Thank you! Love you!! Happy Thanksgiving!