Sunday, July 1, 2012

The First Week

Finally I have started my job and the first week is already over! It went by really fast. I love how busy and fun it is. It's hard too but nothing good is comes easily. I've spend a lot of time with children but being with two kids that aren't your own all day is completely different and I've learned a lot about planning a day and how to deal with problems and those types of things. I mostly have been with other people's children and I do exactly what the parents tell me all the time I'm there. But now with my job I have to make my own decisions on how to handle discipline, how to handle the time, what to eat, what to watch, what to play with, etc. I also don't have a lot of experience taking care of boys. I think i've spend a lot of time with 15 girls and maybe 3 boys. So I am good with girls and not very good with boys. I think I'm going to read Future Men by Doug Wilson to start off my learning curve. If anyone has any advice let me know. Overall I'm loving it and getting adjusted and I'm excited for the future!