Tuesday, November 15, 2011

more talking and less listening.

Generally listening is way better than talking when it comes to having a conversation with other people. But when it comes to what is going on in your mind, talking can be much better.  When I'm tired and emotional it's so easy to put myself down, to tell myself that I'm fat and ugly and no one likes me and I'm a failure. This is such a horrible mind set and I am working SO hard at telling myself the truth. I am loved and to God I am beautiful and I have family that loves me and friends that love me and I can do all things in life through Christ that strengthens me. I have to constantly tell myself these things, and being here in Ohio has been a huge challenge for me. I feel like I have made leaps and bounds in this area. I have learned that what people say to me and about me does not matter. These people have known me for a very short time. They do not care about me and what they say shouldn't matter. Who ever said "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is such a liar. WORDS HURT. They hurt a lot. But i have learned that I don't need to over analyze what people say. I don't need to believe everything people say, but I also don't need to think that everyone is lying. If people talk bad about me, who cares? If people tell me they love me, they're not lying. This goes along with laughing to keep from crying. Sometimes I just have to blow things off. I just have to laugh and move on. because it's just not that important. These things might not seem important to you, but to me, these things are HUGE. Thank you for reading my word vomit :)

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  1. I Love You! I miss you so much and I can not wait for our HP and Twilight marathons when you come home!! We really need to make a road trip to Forks too!!